e8 Name & Logo

e8 Logo Box in Sky Blue - (Blue Sky)

The term Blue Sky (although having different meanings) depicts to us a number of traits common to the Entrepreneur as follows:


Our Name - E8

E8 primarily stands for the 8 E’s of our 8 Pillars of successful Entrepreneurism (or Franchising) further described on our e8 page.  The term E8 and the number 8 also have very good characteristics applicable to Entrepreneurism and our business accelerator.  “E8 Theory” in Physics is described as "An Exceptionally Simple Geometric Matrix & Theory of Everything."  Likewise, in a similar fashion, the e8 pillars of successful entrepreneurism is "A Simple Matrix of Everything Required to Successfully Sustain a DuneBerry Franchise Enterprise"  Thus, our “Business Development Enterprise” provides for and supports everything necessary for your success as a DuneBerry Franchisee.

The meaning of the number 8 also has some other great applicable connotations as well: The number 8 in Hebrew is (Sh'moneh), from the root (Shah'meyn), means "to super-abound."  As a participle it means "one who abounds in strength,"...it is considered the superabundant number.

>>> Every entrepreneurial vision begins with the hope of something that has not yet been created.
>>> Every great entrepreneur does not let current reality define their ultimate destiny. No matter where you are right now or what your current circumstances may be, you are the incubator of greatness.  Your current reality is nothing more than preparation for your ultimate entrepreneurial outcomes.
>>> Entrepreneurial darkness, silence, emptiness and even loneliness are the perfect pH balance for miracles to happen.  They were the soil for God’s creation to be manifest.  The darkness, void, and empty moments of your life could very well be the time when you are to begin speaking to your creation, hovering over it and start expecting it to further materialize and grow like never before.
>>> God SPOKE to his vision, “Let there be light.”  The bible says light appeared, even though it was eleven verses later (vs.11) when the stars, sun and light were actually made reality. You must believe in and speak to the vision in your heart even before it is a reality.  Call it into being.  Prepare for it.  Make way for it’s arrival and then wait with earnest expectation and faith that it will happen.
>>> NOW is the time.  e8 is the place (the Franchisors or Entrepreneurs catalyst).  And YOU are the one to bring into reality that which has never been done, never been heard and never been conceived.  You were uniquely created by God to do great things.


“Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth 
of the United States” - Ronald Reagan 

e8 Endeavoring To “Make America (Small Business) Great Again!” ~ President Donald J. Trump

Eight is also the first cubic number, the cube of two, 2 x 2 x 2 (equalling 8). A cube has 8 points (vertices). So in the first cube, the length and breadth and height are all equal, thus we see a picture of something of transcendent perfection indicated, which is also seen if you unpack a cube and lay it out flat, the Net Polyhedron of the cube then forms a Christian cross reminding us of Christ (God Incarnate), and that God was the “Ultimate Entrepreneur” - the very first verse of the Bible says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” and goes on to describe how He created everything out of nothing (Genesis 1 - one of the most entrepreneurial passages in the Bible)...At this very early stage of the Ultimate Entrepreneurial Venture, there was nothing but the vision of God. There was no sign that would dictate His plan would work, nothing to even make it seem possible.  There was no proof that such a world of systems could work.  Even though the Bible says, “In the beginning….the heavens and earth,” they did not even exist yet! ...they were nothing but a plan, an idea, an entrepreneurial vision of GOD to make SOMETHING out of NOTHING.  You are ahead of this curve as a Franchisee you have a successful model to follow and the support you need to be successful.






So herein is our point...